What is Discounts in My City?

Discounts in My City is a digital platform which provides local coupons of restaurants, hotels, beauty parlors, hospitals & many more of selected cities.

Where can I find the list of stores which are offering coupons?

You can find the list of stores in website and mobile app.

Can I use the Coupons again and again at the same Store?

Yes, you can use a Coupon at the same store for any number of times.

How can I redeem Discounts?

You can redeem discounts in three ways..
a) Website- there is a option of print coupon, mail coupon and SMS coupon to your own mobile number or any of your friends.
b) App-  you can directly show the coupon screen at the time of billing.
c) Card- display physical card at the time of billing.

Is Registration Mandatory?

yes, registration is mandatory and it is required for more authentication during reward points of loyalty programs announced by any of the premium merchants.

Can i suggest my favorite store to be listed in Discounts in My City?

Yes, you can suggest.