What Is Premium Membership?

Premium membership gives unlimited access to all the coupons, the membership is valid for 1yr. and you will get unlimited access to coupons in all the cities listed on our website. You will have access to both Website and the Apps with a single purchase. Simply download the IOS or Android app and login with the same credentials after you purchase the premium membership.

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Premium membership is a smart way of grabbing a great deal for a small price. On an average people saved more than Rs.7000 in one year. There are other perks too, for instance you will receive special invitations to all the events we sponsor and you will also get 24/7 access to customer support.

Premium membership is highly appreciated and people valued the saving it has brought. In our survey, most customers are very happy regarding the savings they made. Try our discount coupons and you will feel great about Premium membership.

Benefits :

You can save more than Rs.7000/- from discounts just in one year.

  • Unlimited use of Coupons, one membership is enough for all cities listed.
  • You will get access to both Website and App with the same membership account.
  • Most of the coupons we offer are from premium restaurants and beauty centres.
  • You will recieve special and early bird invitations on Events sponsored by Discounts in My City.
  • Easy to use, friendly App comes with the purchase, jus login into the App with the same credentials after you complete the purchase.
  • Free digital card, used to gain/track loyalty reward points at premium stores.You can check balance points instantly.
  • Avail premium Customer Care by calling 756-9000-700.

Use promo code FLASH501 for a suprising discount on premium membership.

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